Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall is for blustery days

Wow, we have sure had a windy fall so far, today the forecast was for fairly mild temperatures but very windy, in fact the waves on the big lake are supposed to be 15 footers!!!
 The leaves are falling by the bunch load, and swirling around my front porch stoop, my perfect little dog doesn't seem to mind, in fact he doesn't mind much of anything, he just sits there like a good dog.
I didn't have to work today and I was so glad I didn't because I wouldn't have had the chance to take a walk down my road and capture these pictures.
 This is a view I can see of the back side of the bayou just around the corner from my house, can you see the water behind the trees?? The water levels are down all over because of the dry summer we had but in past years there has been a much larger body of water in this area.
 This is another view of a dry stream bed, I remember the first year we lived here it was almost full up to the level of the road.
 Walking down the road the wind was blowing so hard, causing the tree tops and branches to sway so much they would creak and clack into each other making it sound like whips cracking above my head, all the while the leaves were swirling around my feet, and the smell of woods filling the air.
 Here's a glance of a bend in the road, as it dips and winds through the woods.
 I was thanking God for the season of this beauty as I walked, I'm not fond of the season that follows fall but I must admit this morning was quite pleasant even with the wind howling though the trees.
 Just look at the imprints the leaves have left in the road as the cars ride over them embedding them into the hard dirt.
 But look what I found out in the garden~~~~ isn't it delightful?? one lone lily still enduring the colder temps, rain and the wind.
Here's what I did with some of the hydrangea blooms that I saved from the tree I have in the yard., they make a great dried flower arrangement for in the house too.


Mari said...

You have such a gorgeous street! Glad you were able to enjoy the day. I may have to see if I can make a drive down there, but I bet the leaves won't last long with this wind.

Connie said...

Your walk is so pretty. Enjoy it because winter is just around the corner. Button up!

Cathy said...

I loved all of your pictures, a cute little doggy. I hope the water did not get to your home. Blessings ~