Sunday, October 7, 2012

Celebrating 96 years of life

Today many of the family gathered around this beloved lady who has made it to her 96th birthday. It actually isn't until Oct 9th but we are almost there. She has been blessed with good health for most of her life but recently has had a couple of set backs and we thought we might loose her but she is a tough one and bounced back to almost her old self.
 I had to work today so I couldn't be at the birthday celebrations the whole afternoon but as soon as I got out of work I did get to join the festivities and visit with a few of the family who were still there.
These are just a few of the pictures of family members who dropped by to wish this grand lady happy birthday.
There were kids, grand kids, great grand kids, friends and relatives of all kinds drop by for a little open house short of thing which started out in her apartment but found out it was much to small as more people arrived, so the party was moved down to the common meeting room which provided some breathing room for everyone. Just to think this little lady and her husband started this whole family years ago and if it wasn't for her none of these people would be here.
Making the 96 year marker and to be able to still live in your own apartment on your own is quite an accomplishmant don't you think???
These two ladies are my daughters in law and grand daughters to her, they are both so helpful in stopping by often to check in on her. She is loved by so many.


Mari said...

She's a special lady and is blessed to have such a wonderful family. Happy Birthday to her!

Connie said...

I knew Mrs. Wolbers when she and her husband and family lived in my neighborhood many years ago. I walked to school with some of her children (Ray and Duane). So nice to hear she is doing so well. I'll bet she had a great time spending time with family and friends.

Sandra said...

How sweet :) My greatgrandma made it to 96 as well :)