Thursday, August 2, 2012

What I love about summer

I was just thinking the other day about how much I enjoy summer, I know this year has been a HOT one for sure, did I say that??? Me of all people who love the heat, and the humidity does not bother me like it does some people either so I can only speak for my self. But I sure do love summers and this one has flown by.
I've had a little fun this year too, I cut back working at the Nursing Home but took on another endeavor of working at a Blueberry farm. Never in my life did I do anything like that so it sounded fun and it really is. Its hard work and some what challenging. I do a job in the processing plant that is considered the quality control, but that being said I also help package 30 pound boxes on a line and send them down a conveyor belt to be sealed and then stacked on pallets. But I got off my original reason for this post. I was going to remind everyone why summer is such a fun time.

The beach, oh the feel of sand between the toes and the sound of waves washing up on the shore, and then theres watching the boats go up and down the channel. Of course a trip to the boardwalk means getting ice cream, can't do that in the winter.  Having the windows open to hear so many different bird calls and watching the chipmunks skitter in and out of their hiding places. The smell of fresh cut grass has always been pleasing to me. Walking out the door without looking for a coat or mittens and then taking a walk in the cool evening air. (when it gets cool) even if it doesn't the evening air has that wet dew woodsy smell.  Flowers of all colors, butterflies, June bugs, and green leaves on the trees that hide the neighbors house.  Listening to the kids splashing in the pool next door and hearing their laughter. Sitting on the deck in the early morning hours reading my devotions and drinking a good cup of coffee to start the day. Riding the motorcycle with my husband and not having to wear a coat, smelling all the smells as you pass different areas, (even the farms, because that is part of life).  Picnics and sitting around a campfire, making smores, watching babies play in the hose for the first time in their lives cuz its their first summer. I could go on with about a hundred more reasons why summer is my favorite but you would be totally bored by then

I could go on with about a hundred reasons but by then you would be totally bored. How about you what is your favorite season?? Not everyone loves summer like Sweetman and I do but you are allowed to be wrong.


Mari said...

I love summer too, but Spring is my favorite. I think it's because of the promise of summer, the trees turning green, the flowers blooming, the beautiful weather! This summer has been going by far too quickly and even though it's been so hot, I've really enjoyed it!

Connie said...

I love summer but my most favorite time is FALL.