Friday, July 27, 2012

Somethings haven't faired so well this summer.

Most everyone here is Michigan has had issues with the drought this summer, our grass has suffered, what started out to be beautiful green is now parched and brown. We do have under ground sprinkling but some areas just need good old fashion rain.

 This is a lovely picture of my healing knee, if you go here;postID=1828752264855417088 you can read all about this mishap. It has nothing to do with the drought but it didn't fair to well this summer.  It is taking some time for this to heal up. Please excuse the funny looking knee wrinkles, I am old you know.

These Heuchera's have had it with just to much hot sun and not enough water.

However the black eyed Susan's are doing well but they are on the cooler north side of the house.

My Hydrangea tree is huge this year so I guess it likes the heat, it does get plenty of water from the sprinkling system.

These Nasturtiums always seem to do well no matter what the weather, they add a decorative touch to salads, and can be eaten as well adding a light peppery taste to any kind of greens.
The Rose of Sharon bushes are doing OK, we have three of them and each one blooms at just a little different time, so we get to enjoy them a little longer. Isn't that flower below a sight to behold. Proof of how God wants to bless us with beauty all around us even in times of a rainless summer.

The butterflies have been fluttering all over this bush for days now but for some reason when I took this picture not one was to be seen. I so enjoy the summer flowers and how they adorn so many yards. We do need rain badly, not just for yards and flowers but the farmers are fighting a battle with crops withering before their eyes and in the long run that will effect all of us. So pray for some soaking rains to come soon.


Mari said...

Your flowers are looking beautiful! The grass looks like ours. It's a hard summer for plants, and some knees too!

Saija said...

we have had a hotter/drier/more humid summer this year too ... tho' not quite as severe as yours has been (owie on your knee!!!) ... but it looks like your flowers are gracing you with their loveliness ... :)

Cathy said...

I'm sorry about the drought, Dear, and your knee. The link did not work for me. Hugs