Friday, July 20, 2012

If only we had a video of this!!!

Its not every day you can look out your window to see three ladies tumbling down a drive way. I tell you if someone would have been taking a video we could be rich right now because it must have been pretty funny to see. We actually ended up laying on the ground laughing our fool heads off once we realized we weren't hurt to badly. I better back up and explain the whole situation.
The girls came over tonite for dinner and we were about to go out for a walk when Sweetman ask if we could give him a push on the quad he was trying to get started but just wouldn't turn over. If we could get him rolling fast enough he could pop the clutch and hopefully it would start.

 Well, we did get him rolling down the driveway and when the thing started it took off with a shot, of course all three of us were pushing with all our might and when the quad took off, the forward momentum we were in sent us rolling down the driveway. All three of us have road rash on our knees, hands, arms and poor Faith broke the her ring finger on her left hand.
 Of course Sweetman had no clue that all three of laid sprawled on the pavement, because he took off down the road to keep the quad running. When he came back he found us all laying there laughing so hard we couldn't get up. But I think there will be some pretty sore ladies in the morning. Just thankful no one was seriously hurt.
And we can still smile, and we even went for our walk at the beach. Never a dull moment around here.

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Mari said...

It must have been quite a sight! And I would have liked to have seen Ray's face when he came back and found you all in your injured state. Hope you aren't too sore today. :)