Friday, February 3, 2012


Its always fun to visit the zoo so that's what we did yesterday. There were several diffenent sections at this one. I think we covered all of it. The day was warm high 70's and partly sunny, just perfect for causally wandering to look at the different areas.

They were in the process of renovating the aquatic section so the Manatees and sting ray's were not available to see. Of course that is one area we both would have liked to view.

These little Joey's are so cute and we could have touched them but they weren't very sociable and wouldn't leave there little sitting post.
 There was a bit of excitement from the Rhino's though, all of a sudden one of them started to snort and roar and started fighting with some of the other ones in the pen. There was a baby that got in the middle of the commotion and all the zoo keepers came running to make sure  the spectators were out of harms way. They started yelling at the animals, blowing whistles and waving their arms to try to distract the aggressor. It all took about place in about 2 minutes and it was over. But for a few seconds I was so concerned for that little one because it looked like he got smashed in between two of the big ones. As soon as all was quiet we could go back to the fence to watch them, and they all appeared to be just fine including the baby.
This monkey was a show off he kept coming close to the fence and making faces at us, I think he was showing off its beautiful orange coat. I can't remember the names of these guys but they were all different from what we have in our zoo at home. 

This is a baby cloud leopard, I'm not sure how old it is but it kept jumping up on the fence to look at the people. I think it was curious about us watching it.
These horse like creatures are not related to horses or Zebra, but to giraffes, go figure, and they have smelly feet, something about glands in their toes that leave a sent to mark their domain.

The flowers here are so pretty, not sure what this is either but we thought it was worth taking a picture of. My friend Shelly and Mari both have some beautiful pictures of trees and flowers, so Sweetman said, if they can take pretty pictures so can I..~~~~That was our day yesterday.
Its overcast today but warm and were just hanging out. Sweetman want to some garage sales this morning, and in his words hit a bonanza!!!!


Mari said...

What a day - fun animals, pretty flowers and a bonanza at the sales! Sounds perfect!

Susan said...

Haven't been to the zoo in years. Looks like a pleasant, fun day.

Shelly said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day! You and Sweetman deserve this warm weather and wonderful time spent together. Plus, tell Sweetman, he sure can take a pic like Shelly and Mari! :)
Thanks for sharing and enjoy the rest of your trip!