Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Dahli Museum

This painting is known as "The butterfly effect"
This is one of the nicer paintings that I could find. Many of them were to strange to even post here. We both decided that were not the high folutin artsy type and didn't see the anything but the bizarre weirdness in most of his work.
And we came to the conclusion he was slightly touched in the head and probably lived a very unsettled life.
DalĂ­ was a skilled draftsman, best known for the striking and bizarre images in his surrealist work.

Today we got culturefied. We visited the Salvador Dahli Museum. Salvador Dahli was born in Spain and became a rather strange artist, he painted pictures within pictures and to listen to commentators tell about each painting I think they read alot into some of his work. But then I'm not real up on the arts. He was known for his handle bar mustache that took up most of his upper lip and went out to his ears. So you see Sweetman standing in the middle of the mustache that is on display in the gardens outside the museum. The garden also had a Labyrinth that we walked through. Of course your supposed to be meditating while walking through it but Sweetman said all he could think of was lunch. This comfy bench I'm sitting on is an example of some of the odd shapes Dahli worked with.
On another subject as you can see I can't do a thing with my hair while here. Nothing seems to control it and if I find a half way decent beauty shop I may just get it chopped off.

 This view is of the bay area looking out from the top of the Helical staircase.

This is the Helical staircase looking up from the bottom. Pretty neat.
The gardens and the outside of the building was interesting and I found it more comforting to be out in the air.
So there you have what we did today, something far removed from the flea markets that we have been frequenting while here. Just a little bit of culture!!! Not sure which one I enjoy more but I can guarantee that Sweetman prefers the flea markets.

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Mari said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are getting s little culture! You know how classy we are up here. :)
Don't get too cultured though or you may not fit in with us anymore!
Thanks for the laughs tonight.