Monday, January 30, 2012


I've shared a few pictures of the sunset but this is one of the sunrise. We've been getting up early, grabbing a cup of coffee, throwing on some clothes and walking a couple of miles on the beach.. So far that seems to be the best time to catch a view of some of the dolphins that swim in the gulf. Its fun to see them playing with each other and trying to guess where they will surface next. Then we return to the apartment shower, eat breakfast and prepare for the day. Kinda fun to take our time and do what ever we want, no worries......

We went on a road trip today. Sweetman has been looking for a small trailer to bring some of the items he has purchased back home and he found one that seemed to be just right. The man we bought it from was interesting. He sings at weddings, parties and different events for a living. He does impersonations of some of the oldies, like Elvis, Roy Orbison and he gave us three of his CD's which we listened to on our way back. I must say he wasn't to bad.
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Mari said...

Glad you are having such a nice relaxing time - I'm afraid you are getting spoiled!

Susan said...

I love just doing what comes up like that without a lot of pre-planning. Fun!!!