Friday, January 27, 2012

Favorite breakfast cafe

I like different kinds of foods, especially unusual combinations. This is no surprise to my friends and family so when we find a restaurant or cafe that serves slightly different kinds of foods it immediately becomes a favorite of mine.
A few years back we discovered this little cafe. back then it was much smaller and not to well known. Now we were told on weekends there is long lines to get in for breakfast and lunch. 
Anyway whenever we are in the area I beg plead and sob huge crocodile tears to get Sweetman to take me there at least once. Its not cheap and he can rarely find anything that he really likes to eat. We don't share the same kind of taste when it comes to the foods we eat. He likes the simple unadulterated breakfast like biscuits and gravy, or fried eggs, toast with jelly. I like eggs mixed with avocados, salsa and feta cheese, crispy chunks of potatoes served with rye toast, a thin slice of orange and melon. That's just what I had and it was delicious!!!!

We had a choice of eating out in the garden or inside but it was a bit cool so we ate inside, where there was alot of interesting things to look at. Lots of cute signs, wall decorations, glass ware, pictures and lots of keep sakes that you buy to take home to look at, then wonder why in the world you bought it.

The ambiance is fun and whimsical and they even have a menu for your dog should you bring one with you.

Here's my plate I ate it all, and the coffee was very good as well.

This is Sweetman's, he choose the french toast with cinnamon apples on top and whip cream on the side. He ate it but just wasn't what he prefers for breakfast.

We stopped by another beach and took a walk out onto the pier you see in the back ground it was warming up nicely by then, lots of people were marking their spots near the water for the day. I love the white soft sands on these beaches. There was a couple walking by and they were willing to take our picture.

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Mari said...

Sounds like a perfect day!
PS - check FB - I sent you a message!

Cheri said...

Looks like you're having such a great time. I'm jealous of your warm weather!