Monday, February 6, 2012


I've found the perfect baby sitter, its just to bad I don't need one any more but for all of you youngin's with kids who get under foot just take a gander at this nifty fun thing you can get for the kids.
Its called a walking ball, as you can see it helps to have a pool or some type of body of water as well, but if this would have been available when my kids were small they would have loved it. Even adults can fit into one, first they deflate the ball, unzip it and the person climbs in then they inflate it with a air pump and roll in into the water person and all.

 It looked like so much fun and lots of laughs, if you can get upright in a standing position you can run inside the ball and make like a human gerbil.  I checked it out and a small child can stay in the ball for up to 25 minutes, an adult about 15 min.  There are even games you can play while bobbing around, like walking ball tag, or who can run the longest without falling down.
We were at another flea market when we saw these. Fun idea don't you think????


Mari said...

I've seen those on tv before but never in person. They look like fun!


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