Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Do you think I will qualify??

With all the talk of the beautiful people walking the red carpet lately with their fancy gowns I just thought I would put this out there for all of you to decide.. Here's my ensemble for the day in the life of a normal down to earth type person ready to paint.
I'm walking the road of a regular blood washed born again believer of Jesus, waiting and hoping for the coming of the Lord, but in the mean time we had to do some fixing up after our water leak,
Here's one of the messes that is part of the clean up.

Here's another one, I hate disruption of the normal flow of life but I am so thankful that our homeowners is covering the cost of new carpet and flooring on the other areas that were damaged.

And another, gotta put all that stuff somewhere out of the way!!

Sweetman does the detail work, like the corners and around the tight spots or near the ceiling.

We didn't choose to go with any weird colors but it will be a slight change from what it was. Were just simple folk, don't ya know.
Here's me I get to do the big areas, that way I can't mess up to much. I usually get more on me than on the walls. I'm no painter by any means.
So what do you think will I qualify for the red carpet???
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Cheri said...

It will be beautiful- almost as beautiful as you!

Mari said...

I'll take you over the red carpet people any time!
I like the color you chose.

Denny said...

You really know how to rock those socks!!!! I used to blog at

Shelly said...

You definitely qualify for the red carpet!

Love the new color! Good thing sweetman knows how to cut in and do the corners. You are kinda like a little kid-give her the big area and then sweetman go over. LOL

Saija said...

we could walk that red carpet together - i looked the same way in AZ ... :) ...