Sunday, January 22, 2012

What we did today

Hello blog and anyone who is still around to read it. I haven't been here for a long long time. I almost forgot I even had a blog.
Anyway were on vacation, today is Sunday so we found us a nice Baptist church to attend this morning, which was a very pleasant experience. It is referred to as the big Pink church and as you can see it is a pale pink. There were two services one early and was listed as conservative, the second was listed as contemporary. As we are both fairly early riser we choose the early one.  Most of you know I work with the elderly and I just can't seem to get away from that crowd yes, you guessed it there were mostly gray hairs, walkers, canes and I think I saw one wheel chair. They even had organ music!!! Very friendly bunch made us feel welcome however and the message was good..

Next we sought out one of our favorite restaurants, I sure wish they had these at home. You get the best baby back ribs that just melt in your mouth. You can have your pick of different variations of BBQ sauces and the price is right. We got there just as they were opening so service was great and no wait time. If it had been just a bit later in the day people are usually waiting out the door to get in.
This evening I wanted to catch the sunset so walked down by the beach and saw several people standing down by the shore. You can see them in the lower left corner of the picture. I wondered what was happening so went to investigate.

It was a touching scene, I found out that it was a surf club and they were saying goodbye to one of the young men who had passed away. I didn't ask to many questions but gathered that he was a very popular man and his life was cut short for some reason. The funeral had been earlier today. But this was sort of a ceremony just for the surfing group, and close friends.

They all had one wet suits, and one surf board that was covered in flowers, which they put in the center of the circle. I could hear them talking about the good times they had had with this person and even some of the bad times There was an occasional laugh and some sobs. I sort of felt like I was invading a very special event, but no one ask me to leave so I stood quietly and watched. As soon as the sun set they loudly cheered and splashed the water and pushed the surf board with the flowers on it out into the ocean. Then they left.

I said a prayer for all of them while standing there witnessing this personal time of  grieving, celebrating and remembering a good friend.
I almost forgot to get the picture I went down to get but I did catch the sun just before it slipped into the deep blue ocean. 

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Mari said...

Beautiful pictures and a wonderful day! Glad you are enjoying yourselves, but then I knew you would!
PS - I sent you a message on FB with updates and didn't know if you got it. To add to it, AB passed away this morning.

Susan said...

Wonderful pictures, Nancy and what a special thing to be a witness to the celebrating of a life. Let's pray he knew The Lord.