Monday, January 23, 2012

Things we've seen while here

So far, since we have been here we have seen wild hogs ( No, not the kind on motorcycles) real hogs as in pigs along side the road. They are not pink like the ones we normally see but kinda brown with tan stripes. Then there was the lady with a full grown Iguana, around her neck, she said they are very affectionate if raised right and will live to be about 70. She let me pet it, it was very warm and soft not hard and scaly like they look. Then there was the man with squirrel monkey sitting on his shoulder at a garage sale we stopped at and she jumped onto mine and started to groom my hair!!!! The man said she loved to play with hair. I actually had one years ago and the one I had did the same thing. We have beautiful colorful parrots that play in the trees just outside our windows but I haven't been able to get a picture of them yet. They sqwak and make a big racket everyday about the same time of day must be their conference time. Of course the ocean, shells and sunsets with only colors God can make.
Oh yeah, lots of interesting people, middle aged to almost old men and women in clothing that should only be worn by beautiful young perfect bodies. Not to mention some strange hair styles, again many older wanna be young men, with pony tails and ear rings, dred locks or maybe just hair that hasn't been washed or combed in days, tattoo of all sorts on both genders..  Life here is interesting, no one is actually born and raised here they have just all migrated from other States so it seems. Mostly from the colder climes of course..

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Mari said...

What? You had a monkey? How did I never hear about this?
You're seeing all kinds of interesting things!