Thursday, September 29, 2011


Many of you know that I attend a Bible study on Tuesdays, well we have started up again after having a break through the summer.  We have had three sessions so far and it is turning out to be phenomenal as always. Of course our teacher is able to make even some to the most mundane parts come to life and she has a plethora of resources and wisdom. 
This year we are doing a survey of the entire Bible, and our study has been named "The Emmaus Road Gospel".
Now here is the reason for my post, I hope you won't think of this as a cop out or easy way out, so I will take a minute to explain. One of our homework assignments (yes we get homework) but studying the Bible isn't really homework, it is in my opinion learning and growing closer to the Lord. Anyway, back to the reason for the post~~~~~ One of the questions we are given is to ask 10 people, preferably strangers, if they believe the story of Noah and the Ark is a true story and if they believe it is, do they think the flood was local to the area Noah lived in or world wide??? 
OK theres the question, so I'm asking any of you who read my blog but don't really know me  hopefully there will be at least 10 who will respond and even if you do know me its OK to leave a comment. It will be interesting. 


Mari said...

Well, you know me and you probably know my answer, but here it is.
I believe the story is true and I think it was world wide.
It'll be interesting to see what others think.

Jess said...

I believe in Noah and the Ark, I believe it's world wide... the bible tells me so, that is enough for me.

Lindie said...

I also believe the flood was literal and happened worldwide.

Flower Freak said...

I believe the story of the flood is true. The Bible says it covered the earth and I believe that means all of the earth.

Susan said...

I totally believe it and I believe it was world wide. Either the Bible is ALL true or we might as well not believe one bit of it is my opinion. You probably knew what my answer would be!!! Let us know what kind of answers the others in your class received :o)

Anonymous said...

I believe that it was a literal flood and I looked at a verse in Genesis that tends to say that the whole earth was covered.

"And the waters prevailed exceedingly on the earth, and all the high hills under the whole heaven were covered. 9:19.

I love that you are attending a Bible study and that you share your thoughts and questions here.

Anonymous said...

One more thing....because you need ten commenters, I did ask Alan what he thought. He said that he thought that it was a literal flood and that it covered the entire earth.

I asked Chad(THE Creationist in the house)He said that it was a literal flood and that it covered the entire earth. He said that scientists look at fossils and arrive at different conclusions. They use time and more time to explain fossils when the weight of flood water can do the same thing. He said far more, but he lost me somewhere. Ha! Ha!

Becky Hayes said...

I just happened to find your blog on "blogged", so you don't know me. In answer to your question, yes, I believe the story of Noah and the ark and I believe the whole world was flooded.