Friday, September 30, 2011

Room organizing

Sometimes I could just kick myself, I took before and after pictures of this room that I cleaned and organized today but then I was editing some of the old pictures off from my camera and accidentally pushed the wrong button and deleted all the pictures on the camera.... Ya I was so upset with my stupid move.  Anyway if you saw the before picture of this room it was utter chaos.  
I have alot of exercise equipment but it was such a mess I couldn't even use it. You would think with all this we would both be in excellent shape, however you have to use it to get that way so they say~~~we have a treadmill, a rowing bench, and stationary bike, not to mention the free weights and exercise ball. You may think is doesn't look to organized but believe me it is compared to what it looked like before. There is still alot of stuff in this room but at least I can get to the treadmill, bike and rowing bench. With the weather changing and so much rain lately it hasn't been to much fun getting outside to walk. At least I felt like I accomplished something today and wrestling with all the equipment I got a work out in. 

Anyone else have rooms filled with stuff and need organizing??? Posted by Picasa


Mari said...

My spare room is the room that I'm always sorting and cleaning and then before you know it, it's a mess again!

Susan said...

My big looming project, which I dislike very much, is changing out the seasonal clothing from summer to winter. I have 2 large plastic bins on the guess bed (one for me & one for him) that I've been ignoring. Have guests arriving on the 12th so I've got to get it done!!!

You did a great job on that room!!

Connie said...

Keeping rooms organized is alway a problem. Right now I am putting spring/summer clothes upstairs and getting my fall/winter clothes ready to wear. With my hip problem this gets to be a real pain. I do like my closets to be organized but it is a lot of work.
Your room looks very organized even thought there is a lot of stuff in it. Good work.

Yet God Is... said...

My studio aka craft room is in constant need of organization! Hey, I recognize that blue ball. I sit on one when I'm 'creating'!