Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bible Study Homework

Our Tuesday morning Bible study has started back up again this fall, I always get so excited about this because we have such great times, worshipping and learning more about the Lord, fellow shipping with old friends and meeting new ones.
This year we're studying Luke and our first assigned homework is to rewrite in our own words what we would say if we were in Mary's shoes and  had just been told by the Angel that we were going to have a baby. Its often referred to as "The Magnificat", from Luke 1: 46-55.  Here's my version:

My heart is soaring with uncontrollable joy. Father, I may not be able to comprehend how it is that you have chosen me, a lowly bond servant to be the vessel to bring the Savior into the world. Because of this I will be called blessed among women. I am in awe and humbly accept your will to be done.
As great as you are, your mercy extends from generation to generation for all who fear the Lord.
You Father have touched kings who were self reliant and brought them down, and you have touched the humble and brought them to high places. It makes no difference to you whether they are rich or poor your mighty hand has change their lives. Your mercy has helped the lowly servant and you speak to me as you have to Abraham and his off spring for eternity.

I really can't put myself into Mary's shoes very well because I'm not  her but I do think I would be so over whelmed with that whole idea of carrying the Son of God that I would hardly be able to think straight. But she was a willing servant and obedient to the will of God. What an awesome responsiblilty she must have felt.
This is going to be a good study, and I will try to keep you updated.


Mari said...

I really enjoyed reading your version. It's incredible to think of what that had to be like for Mary. I know you will enjoy this study!
I got the book for our study today. It's The Patriarchs, by Beth Moore. It looks really good too.

Glenda said...

I think you did a super job of putting yourself in Mary's shoes . . . sandals! I've been amazed at her young age and all the emotions she must have experienced - and all that she must have encountered from the people of her town.

Susan said...

Sounds good and certainly starting off with a bang with an assignment like that. The verse about Mary I like the best is "she pondered all these things in her heart." I can relate to that one!!!

Cherdecor said...

You did a great job with your version of the story. I think it will be great to listen to everyone's version.