Thursday, September 23, 2010

Art Prize and Art walk

This picture has nothing to do with either Art Prize or Art walk but it is a pretty spot in my yard that the greatest artist ever created in the form of pretty flowers still blooming on the first day of Fall.

These little berry like things grow on our Japanese dogwood tree after the blooms have long faded. I think the birds like to eat them.

Here's what the berry looks like before it has turned that pretty pinkish/red color.

Ok, now this is what I actually started out to tell you about. I know just about everyone knows about the Art Prize venue going on in Grand Rapids but did you also know that simultaneously
there is and Art Walk going on in my little tourist town of Grand Haven. Not to be in competition with Art Prize but to compliment it and to give people a chance to come visit Grand Haven to see some of the local artist work. While not on such a grand scale as Art Prize we have some very talented artist in our area as well. I liked the sculpture of the seagulls above the best, only because I like birds and I think it represents this waterfront very well.

This one is called "The Wave" it is made up of names in the rolling form of a wave.

Here is another one that is located near the downtown area by the Chamber of Commerce building.

Not to sure what this one is but it is interesting.

This one is painted on the side of a building, with the title of, "A perfect day". As I was standing there taking this picture one of the artist came up and asked me what I thought of it. He said it was a project that he and his wife and one other person had done. I told him it did represent a perfect day.

This one is located in Central park, interesting for sure. It didn't have a name on it so can't tell you what it is. I guess you can call it what ever you want.

Another interesting sculpture in Central Park.

Now, this definitely looks like a duck.

There are many more venues all located in close proximately of the downtown area, some are inside shops to protect them from sometimes not so nice weather near the lake shore. There are three categories: sculptures/3D, Painting/Drawing/mixed media, and Photography. If you come to see them make sure you stop at one of the Artwalk headquarters to pick up a map and a voting ballot. It goes from Sept 22-to Oct 9.

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Mari said...

I didn't know about the art walk. It looks like fun!
Your flowers are still gorgeous!

Brenda said...

Hello Nancy, first, thanks so much for dropping by my blog. I have been out of the blogging loop for the summer, but look forward to making the rounds again.
All of these sculptures are very interesting. I like the painting on the wall, tho' I wonder how hard it would be to ride a scooter 'side saddle'! Seems like it would make one dizzy!
Have a great weekend.

Shelly said...

That is really cool! Thanks for posting all of those pics. I wondered what that one cement block was for and thought they were going to put a statue there and voila-they did!