Sunday, September 13, 2009

WOW Is that really a kale plant??

The other day a friend that I work with who has a huge garden every year, asked me if I knew what kale was??? Yes of course I know what it is, why do you ask, I said. Well, she says I have some HUGE plants but I'm going to pull them up I'm tired of them but seems such a waste to just toss them, would you like one??? Sure I says, thinking how big can this thing be??...

Next day I fine this bucket next to my car with a 3 ft kale plant sitting in bucket of dirt and water.

Yikes!!! I'm thinking how am I gonna get this thing home??? So I grunted as I picked it up carefully placed it in the back seat and adjusted the seat belt snugly around it. Yeah that works, it sat there just as regal as could be, only problem was I had to go pick up my freshman grand daughter at her dorm.

I was sure she would be mortified to have her grandma drive up to the dorm with a huge kale plant seat belted in the back seat.. Non the less that is just what I did.

She came out jumped in the car and simply stated.. Uh, grandma did you know you have a tree in your back seat with a seat belt on???
and simply smiled, when I said Ya.

Who says kids can't adjust to the strange antics of their grandparents.

We got it home without a hitch and dug an nice hole and planted that pretty kale plant as I was giving her a lesson in how to cook it and what good things it would do for your body when you eat it.

Next time she is over we will have something with kale in it just so she can broaden her horizons in the culinary department.

I never grew any kale and didn't know they could get that big, I had it pictured in my mind more the size of a lettuce plant, surprise surprise!!!
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Mari said...

That Irene knows how to grow Kale!

Grandma Elsie said...

Wow I never seen kale that big before in my life !!!
We used to grow it and it was small stuff compared to that ... bet you could get a whole mess to cook off that one plant. I love the stuff ( if its seasoned with fat back ) Or just pour vinegar over it will do..

Cathy said...

That really is a big kale plant, not that I have ever seen one. But I'll bet it is good.

All My Blessings said...

Hi Nancy, I'm giggling while reading your blog today. All I have to say is my Mamaw would say; "now that's a mess o greens" SUPPER TIME!!!!! God Bless, Kae

Cherdecor said...

That is one huge plant! I have never eaten Kale.