Saturday, August 22, 2009

Something about the Beach.....

....... That just draws people, especially me to it, even on rainy windy not so nice day like this morning.
The skies were a mix of clouds, with little patches of blue peaking through every once in awhile as you can see in the picture, sprinkles of rain now and then didn't stop people from coming.

I walked along the shore line watching the waves, listening to the sounds of the sea gulls screech and chatter with bits and pieces of human conversations mixed with squeals of laughter from children either chasing or running from the incoming waves. The caution flag was flying so not to many people were actually in the water.

The air was brisk but if the sun peaked out it was warm, funny kind of day but typical of Michigan.
A great day for flying kites in my book but I never did master that art.

I sat and watched the waves, the clouds and the people, a wedding had just taken place and some of the wedding party was still milling around, I could see off in the distance the bride and groom posing for pictures near the pier, they were oblivious to the weather.

My thoughts eventually fell to the wonders of all of it and how God provides these beautiful places for us to enjoy. How each grain of sand was created by a God that is so big we can not begin to understand or comprehend His awesomeness.
I suddenly felt the presence of the Lord speaking to my heart and telling me that His love is like the sand, endless. I said a prayer of thanks for His love, His generous and gracious gift of Jesus, and prayed for the lost to be found.

2 Corinthians 9:15 "Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift."

Our minds are so puny and finite, His so infinite.
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Terri said...

Beautiful pictures. I really do love the beauty of Michigan. Your thoughts on the grain of sand compared to Gods love are so true. Thanks for the reminder.