Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Daughter #2's Guatemalan trip

I Told you I would update you on the Guatemala mission trip that daughter # 2 recently went on. I tell you prayers have been answered and each one of the team came back with memories of love, sadness, over whelming dismay in conditions that children live in but, they also came back knowing they delivered God's word to people who may never had heard of our savior Jesus. It was a bitter sweet high of sorts.

They did attend church as you can see and met believers in a different culture and back ground and witnessed the freedom in how they worship. They are a happy people no matter what the living condition is knowing they are safe in the Lords hands.

The Team delivered Bibles, clothing, shoes, soap, toys and spread the Love of Christ to many children at "Hanna's Hope"

They shared time with each other and found new friendships
It was such a good experience for her I have been scraping her off the ceiling since she came back she is so filled with excitement of all that happened while she was there.
Witnessing miracles happen before her eyes, which only helped to solidify her own faith and growth in the Lord.

This is my daughter and a friend she got much closer to in the few days they were together. The smiles tell it all.

And this is the whole team, they did find some time to do a little sight seeing.
Please continue to pray for your own missionary's and teams who go off to unknown worlds to spread the gospel. And remember this team as some of them came back not feeling so well, apparently they picked up some kind of bug that will hopefully soon be gone and all will be feeling well.


Mari said...

I'm so glad this was such a moving experience for her. The pictures by the cross are great!

Oh Sew Good said...

Perhaps a poverty-stricken exterior and yet rich with hearts of gold.

Grandma Elsie said...

We never know what God will do to get our attention. I am so glad for you and your daughter. I clicked on the picture so i could see it and want to know,which one is your daughter, The one in the crop pants ( I used to call them pedal pushers )or the dress ?
I am happy for you. Elsie <><