Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pete and Tutti here, sort of

As most of you know there us just the two of us so we eat out often, probably more than we should but none the less it is a fact we eat out.. We try to go to new places whenever the opportunity arises so here is the low down on what may well become one of our favorites.

"The Alaskan Broiler" its located near the Lakes Mall in Muskegon and I think its been open for awhile we just didn't try it until the other night.

Neither one of us are real fish lovers so the name alone wasn't the attraction, but once we learned they also had ribs, chicken and steaks that was all it took.

Sweetman has a passion for ribs.. I like chicken, an occasional steak, but grilled veggies, and salads are my favorites.

Our first impression was great so, if your looking for a nice restaurant and want a good meal that is priced reasonable I am recommending the "Alaskan Broiler" Sweetman ordered the half rack of ribs, and he said they were mouth watering good. The BBQ sauce tangy but sweet enough to please him, and the meat fell off the bones. I don't usually order steaks but thought I would try a small sirloin. There are several choices of the way you can have it fixed. Blackened, Sea salt and cracked pepper, Jamaican Jerk, I choose the blackened and it was seasoned just right a little peppery but with a sweet smoked flavor in the back ground, very tender. I had a sweet potato and grilled asparagus done al dente.
We did have to wait a bit for our meal and it wasn't to busy but the server was very friendly, informative and returned at least once to check on how we were doing. This may not have been as detailed as "Pete and Tutti" but it was my take on a good restaurant.

We stopped down by the boardwalk for a stroll and to watch people in boats, walking, eating ice cream and doing the same thing we were doing.

My sister called as we were watching the sun go down to say she and her fiance had just pulled up on their motorcycle, so we met them and of course just had to have ice cream. Great ending to a beautiful warm summer evening Posted by Picasa


Mari said...

I remember Pete and Tuti! I always liked their column. Sounds like a fun evening - just what you needed after your crazy day!

Grandma Elsie said...

Eating out , probably more than we should, I remember those days ,So enjoy every moment .
My man was a steak or chicken man .I can do non fishy tasting fish , steak ,or chicken. Love those grilled veg's too. Sounds like my kind of evening. relaxed and peaceful
glad for you.