Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Did Summer arrive yet???

Yes, yes I know summer did come but it sure was a short one this year, or so it seemed. I'm still waiting for those dog days of August but now its almost September so I think I missed it.
Anyway the flowers in the garden are really pretty this time of year but even those are starting to fade.

Butterflies and hummers love these

Dahlias are so pretty and do last a long time, I just have to remember to dig up the bulbs so I can enjoy them again next year.


Mari said...

Beautiful flowers! It's pretty cool here too. We all have sweatshirts on and have had a fire in the wood stove every evening.

Mike Golch said...

nice flowers.

Susan said...

We are enjoying our much cooler August this year in Oklahoma. Usually August is my least favorite month!!!! Wonder what this means for our winter?

Cathy said...

Beautiful flowers ~ You mean you missed the 90's we are having here? I know fall does come soon, and then we know what. But we have to thank God for all seasons.

Oh Sew Good said...

Oh no! Summer is here until September 22nd. Let's not rush it out the door. :)Can you tell Summer is my favorite season too?