Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sweetman, happyman

Have you ever seen a happier face than this.???

People who know this man understand why I call him "Sweetman" not only is he really a sweet spirit but he also has a sweet tooth, so the nick name fits him well.

We enjoyed another evening at the water front, ending of course at Culvers for ice cream even though the weather is cool ice cream is never turned down by this guy.
As you can see tonight it was a banana split and he ate the whole thing all by himself!!!

Now I just ask you is that a face of happiness or what!!!
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Cheri said...

Looks delicious. We love Culvers too- great food and we can feed our family of 5 for under $20!

Shelly said...

Sweet Man is enjoying that for sure! Good for him. Like the ship at the top of your blog.

I have not been on this in so long. Looks like I have some catching up to do.

Mari said...

He really is a sweet man!
Bob gets that same look on his face when he has sweets in front of him!

Susan said...

Haven't had a banana split in years. Mickey & I always share one when we do indulge. Yes, he looks like one happy, sweet man!!

Kari said...

That is so cute!
Hot or cold how can you turn down an inc cream like that!!

Great pictures.
thanks for visiting my blog.

Cathy said...

I was wondering what that was he was eating! Yes, he does look very sweet and happy, Nancy.

Sandra said...

I know you just made a typo but it made me crack up when I read "banana spit" LOL

Terri said...

I would probably have that same look - who wouldn't be happy eating ice cream!