Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Small space packed tight

This is what the Miata's trunk looked like when we packed for our trip. Two duffel bags, two small cases with toilet articles for his and her, one computer, a blanket and a few tiny things like a compact umbrella. Everything had to go in just so or it wouldn't fit. This is packing light for us, we are notorious for taking way to much stuff, but one just never knows what kind of weather one might encounter.

Traveling in a two seater car can be interesting but I was glad to be in this car when we went through several torrential rain storms as it holds the road well and has a low center of gravity which helps in high winds.

This is "filament" the whale that entertained us for a good share of the afternoon. She is a humpback that visits the bay area each year to feed and gain blubber before migrating to cooler waters to mate and have babies, biologist identify them by their tails. She came so close to the boat the captain had to turn off the engines so as to not harm her in any way. She seemed to know she was putting on a show for us as she swam closer to the boat and at one time dove under it, coming up on the other side blowing air and slapping her tail.

To actually see these magnificent animals up close was truly a privilege not everyone gets to see.

This was our transportation for a 21 mile trip out into the Atlantic to an area known as Jeffery's Ledge. We were blessed to have been able to see several other humpbacks and fin tails further away from us. We were told fin tails are some of the largest whales reaching 80ft.

I have a few more pictures to show you and some interesting facts of some of the places we saw so hopefully you aren't sick of this trip yet.
Humor me if you are....


Mari said...

I'm not sick of it! I've been waiting to see the pictures.
I'm so thrilled you got to see the whales.

Susan said...

Oh what a fun time!!! We were able to see whales once but never that close up. How exciting.