Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bar Harbor

Just a couple more post about the vacation and I'm done. Bar Harbor is truly a beautiful place if you can see it. I was so disappointed with the uncooperative weather. We had nothing but drizzle and fog and so we didn't see as much of what we wanted to see. The temperature was warm and humid and the locals told us the whole summer had been rainy and foggy. We did go into Acadia National park, saw some of the beauty there, & because of the rains the different hues of green were awesome, but seeing the sunrise from Mt. Cadillac was impossible, its summit reaches 1,530 feet and it is said to be the first place to be able to see the sun rise which is "stunning" as described by those who have seen it. What we did see was the soaring granite cliffs butting up against sand and cobblestone beaches. Taking in the presence of sea air with each breath, if you can't see it you can either hear it or smell it. There is that wonderful odor that is unmistakable about the ocean. Acadia National Park was the first national park established east of the Mississippi, and the land was donated entirely by private citizens it opened in 1916. Its a hikers paradise with 120 miles of trails that weave through the park. There are 165 species of native plants, 60 species of land and marine mammals, and (our bird watching Dr. at the nursing home would like this little tid bit) there are over 150 breeding species of birds that can be found in the park. I didn't memorize all of that but took it out of a book with all the stats, but I'm one who likes to learn all these things so found it interesting.

The town of Bar Harbor was still a whirlwind of activity with tourists busy checking out the traps that lure you into buying that souvenir you just have to have and after getting home you wonder why in the world you made that purchase. The fishing excursions weren't hurting any either with long lines waiting to board the boats heading out to sea. I just happened to snap these pictures early in the day before the crowds arrived.

We have never been attracted to the commercial aspect of travel and so didn't visit many shops, or buy any unnecessary souvenirs. Its just fun to people watch or sit back to observe the goings on at the docks.
We did eat Lobster, which I love but almost broke the bank, cleaned the clock and caused a near heart attack with the price, so that was another thing we didn't do much of. My camera battery crashed so no pictures of that event, but it was memorable.


Mari said...

I'm so bummed that you couldn't take in Bar Harbor and Acadia, because it's so beautiful. I remember that bridge. It still looks fun though!

Grandma Elsie said...

I am so behind on reading but trying to catch up now I can set down.
I have enjoyed your vacation with you. I have never been in Maine or any of the New England states.
thank you for all the pictures and details. I enjoyed it very much.
Elsie <><

Cathy said...

Pretty pictures, I love all the different kinds of plants. Sounds like you had a great trip.