Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Were Home safe and with more memories to pass on.

Our trip to the Eastern side of the States has ended but not without some cool memories. We packed a bunch of sights into a little over a week.
The Portland Head light house is just as it looks in pictures that I'm sure many of you have seen before but to actually be there, to wander around it, to touch it and to feel the excitement of the park on Cape Elizabeth was a moment for me. It was commissioned by President George Washington.
I have looked at pictures of this light house so many times but until I was standing on the grounds I never realized that the trim around the windows is painted green, but for some reason all you see is the red roof.

After spending some time there we headed to the Lobster Shack to lunch on lobster, fries and coleslaw. I loved it, but Sweetman would rather have his lobster cracked and neatly arranged on the plate. (My camera battery decided to die just as we got our meal so no pictures but we did get some on video.) He didn't get into the messy task of cracking the lobster and digging out the sweet succulent meat with little forks. The Lobster shack however was located right on a cliff over looking some rugged rocks so typical of Maine coast line with the surf crashing ashore, it set the ambiance for a delightful lunch which by the way nearly cost us our first born and an arm and a leg. We didn't indulge on Lobster to many times

These Moose were an unusual sight in Bennington NH. Lined all along the quaint business district were moose of all sizes, colors and shapes. I just happened to catch these three as we sat at a traffic light.

This was a fun place in Acadia National Park on Bar Harbor, called thunder hole, each time the waves rushed and crashed into the rocks it made the sound of thunder we could hardly hear each other standing on the rocks above. Bar Harbor was socked in with fog and one lady told us they only have had 3 days of sun so far this summer. Needless to say we saw very little while there but did enjoy the authentic coastal towns with an array of fishing boats, that cast a spell captivating and luring you into the relaxed pace of the locals.

Mount Cadillac is one place to view the earliest sunrise in the US, if it isn't foggy. Being from the West coast we are used to seeing beautiful sunsets so I was disappointed not to see what has been described as a stunning sunrise.
Another bit of information we learned, is that Maine is America's largest wild blueberry growing state, raising 98% of the low bush blueberries in the US. Potatoes rank third in acreage and third in production nationally. And I thought Idaho was the major potato growing state.
Maine is recognized as one of the most healthful states in the nation which is something else I hadn't thought about, but I can see why with all the fresh sea air, and clean cool waters of the Atlantic and so much beauty all around how could it not be a healthy place to live.
I have more pictures and will do a few more posts until you are sick of hearing about the latest adventures of our trip East.
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Mike Golch said...

Nancy,great phgotos,I feel like I have been there with you.thanks for having me along.

Mari said...

Gorgeous pictures! We were at Thunder hole when we visited Bar Harbor!
I can't wait to see your pictures.

Cathy said...

Beautiful pictures, Nancy ~ I'm glad you two enjoyed a wonderful vacation.

Aspiemom said...

Beautiful pictures! I've been there! My grandparents lived in Portland, Maine so we'd go up there and spend a week enjoying the surrounding areas with them.

Connie said...

What great pictures! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Glad you shared your pictures.