Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Even the GPS gets confused

I haven' t got any more pictures to share today but we had another great day with perfect weather and a great road trip to a place called Gothic. It was listed as a ghost town but when we got there it was not the kind of ghost town I was expecting. There were people every where and most of them were some sort of students studying all kinds of things from blades of grass, to butterflies and critters that roam the mountain sides.
Some of the buildings were from the original era in the 1800's but have been refurbished and modernized for today's use.
We found it on our own because the GPS lady who talks to you and tells you which roads to take was getting so mixed up she almost had a burn out. We didn't follow her very well and she starts to tell you over and over to "make a u Turn, make a u turn" & if you don't make a u turn she starts to say, "recalculating, recalculating" then proceeds to tell you to go a different way which at times wasn't an option because there wasn't a road there. It must be something about the signal in the mountains that isn't real good at times or else its us because we tend to go off the beaten path and get the poor thing all confused.. We laughed so hard today when she kept saying, make a u turn over and over again it was almost like she was getting mad at us, which I know can't be, its only a machine.
This little device has been a big help most of the time and makes finding places so much easier but it does have limits apparently as we have found out today, there are places that even the GPS lady can't find.


Terri said...

It seems like Mari and Bob had some problems with their GPS while on vacation too!

Cheri said...

The lady on the GPS drives my girls nuts too.
They laugh every time she comes on.

Sandra said...

I can't stand the GPS lady, she actually gets on my nerves LOL

Mari said...

The GPS lady really is funny. Sometimes we turned wrong just to hear what she would say. Maybe the time we got goofed up with ours was her way of punishing us!
Glad you're having fun. We're surviving but missing you!

Deb said...

We had a few mishaps on ours when we were in Kentucky, but boy they sure do help though. Enjoy!! and remember to make that u turn:)lol

Edge of Design said...

My husband is convinced the GPS was invented with me in mind. I'll tell you what, that thing has saved me from unnecessary tours and detours and then some.

Laura said...

The GPS lady is hilarious. On one episode of The Office (our favorite show) Michael and Dwight are driving and the GPS says, "Turn Right." Dwight says - you can't turn right, that's a lake. Michael says, "We have to listen to her!" So he drives right into the lake, and as the car is sinking, she's saying, "Make a u-turn, make a u-turn." That episode was on right after we came back from our trip to South Carolina with my parents and the GPS adventures, so we laughed really hard! Have fun with it!

Penless Thoughts said...

How funny about the machine getting angry :o)

Shelly said...

Good old GPS. We have the TomTom and we used it to go to Maine. We were surprised how accurate it was. If we decided to go a different way, it recalculated and found the new way from the way we decided to go. The scenic route sometimes instead of main roads.

I know you can update the sassy little machine. Also, we like to set ours to a funny voice. We did it European. I love how she said, turn right and then stay left on the MO TOE WAY

~Robin said...

gps can be a source of alot of laughs!
My family has a pet name for it-and hey threaten to tedt it regularly and see if it will say-"NO, stupid, that is not a road."
enjoy taking in the beautiful nature!!

Mary said...

Ha! That GPS lady often gets confused. I hate it when she starts telling you to turn into the middle of a field, or takes you the longest way around. With gas prices as they are, she needs to send us the shortest way.

Enjoyed my visit, as always.