Monday, July 14, 2008

Another stupendous vacation

I simply can't begin to tell you how blessed we have been once again to have such a super fine vacation. God has given us the best of the best as He always does.
I have seen rough mountain roads that lead to beautiful mountain meadows with flowers that grow only in a cool meadow high above the rest of the world . I have listened to the songs of the birds and the breezes blow through the tops of huge pine trees, and humming birds that are so abundant that they almost run into you as you stand in their territory. I've been strong enough to climb almost straight up 1.5 miles over rocks and follow a path that is almost obscured to the eye until you are on top of it, to view the most beautiful serene and tranquil place known as the hanging lake, so early in the morning we were the only ones there. I have been to a mountain man rendezvous and learned how the mountain men lived in the wild. How to start a fire with only a stick and that it can be your best friend, keeping you warm, cooking your food, and keeping you safe from the wild animals. I have been to a real rodeo for the first time in my life and sat next to a lady who was kind enough to explain the events and learned about horsemanship. Cowboys and cowgirls are a big part of the west. I have been on roads that parallel the Oregon trail, the Boseman trail and heard real life stories about Louis and Clark. I've stayed in some of the best motels and some of the worst, met people from the same country but with very different life styles than what I have known. God has shown me elite life styles and people who struggle to make ends meet. Some with fancy cars and some with dirty clothes and dreadlocks all living in the same areas and enjoying life as it is handed out to them.

I've seen natural wonders like the devil's tower and walked around this huge monolith feeling the sacredness that the Indians hold claim to this area. I've been on roads that stretch out in front of you for as far as you can see like a ribbon with no other cars in sight. I've been on a hot dusty road and had a taste of what it is like to walk in the hot sun in the desert in the middle of the day with the temperatures close to 100 degrees.
All of these places and more.
I talked with a man 97 years old who remembers the man who started Wall drugs in South Dakota. I've done all these things with my sweetman at my side and enjoyed every moment with him. We both love to travel and if we could just keep on going it would be fine with me.

God has given us eyes to see with and ears to hear with and a sense of His presence is all around us if we just take the time to look and listen to all He has given to us on this green earth.
I guess you don't need me to tell you that this has been a great vacation.


Andrew Bruins said...

Wow, Great post. Can't really say to much more. Awesome

Mari said...

It sounds just wonderful. I'm so glad you've had a great time. You described it well. Enjoy these next few day!

Cheri said...

We went to South Dakota last year and loved it too.
It's such a beautiful place and pictures don't do it justice!

Terri said...

What a beautiful creation we live in! I would love to go out west sometime with the family!

Penless Thoughts said...

Thanks for sharing the beauty and joy of it with us. We "stumbled" on Wall Drug on our travels. I'd never heard of it before we started seeing all the signs advertising it. Quite a place and history.

When we travel and see the cows in the fields we always say, "There are some of our cows that belong to our Father" for He owns the cows on 1000 hills.

Traveling is such fun. Especially when you enjoy the trip, every mile and second and not just the destination. I can tell that is what you've done :o)

Shelly said...

Cool pics Nancy! Looks like you got to explore a lot of God's creation for sure. Glad you and sweetman are having a great time with eachother. See you when you get back.

Saija said...

awww, so happy for you!
leo and i used to travel quite a bit - in the 80s & early 90s ... i'm so glad we took the opportunity when we could ...

your post brought back memories ...

blessings on ya!

Mary said...

I'm so glad that you had such a great vacation. The photos are awesome. It's wonderful to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, as well as stories from a 97 year old man.

When we go on vacation, I always find someone interesting to talk to. I've learned a lot from people I've met while traveling.

Take care and enjoy your weekend. I'm going to check out your previous post about the GPS.


Cathy said...

I was going to say what Mary just said. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful vacation.