Monday, July 7, 2008

Just a little R&R, but not your ordinary casual sunday drive

Some of us go to the extreme to get a little rest and relaxation.
This is just a very very small portion of the road we had to travel today to get to see this most picturesque shot of an old mill that at one time back in the 1800's provided hydro power to run mining tools.
All I can say is I am glad for a jeep that has what it takes to get over some of the biggest boulders, slippery shale rock, mud, water and narrow narrow terrain with less that a foot clearance to drop down into rapid boiling white water of the crystal river. Not to mention the very skilled maneuvers of Sweet man to get us there and back without any major damage to said afor mentioned jeep, (whose name is Rex.) Yes, I name the vehicles I like and I like the jeep.
The road to the ghost town called Crystal is only six miles but it is steep and slow climbing as you can well imagine. It took us six hours to get to the mill and back so you know we were going at the break neck speeds of 1-5 miles per hour. We did take time out to have alittle lunch and of course to wander around and take pictures. Only ATV or 4x4's can make it up these mountain roads. Believe it or not but people actually live up in this ghost town in the summers, with no running water or electric. They are rugged souls but very friendly and quick to give out information and warm smiles.
The beauty of the mountains and the quietness of the sounds of nature are just little glimpses of what our heavenly Father provides for us to enjoy. Even though this was not a casual drive and we both felt beat up from all the jossling about not to mention the tense moments we both felt wondering if we could make it around the next bend it was what we ventured out here to see and well worth it.
Tomorrow we are off on another adventure, looking for a ghost town called Gothic.


Anonymous said...

One could draw an analogy here huh? All the trials and tribulations we go through are so worth it to know Him. I'm glad you're enjoying your holidays.

Cheri said...

That picture of the mill is so beautiful-- but are you CRAZY!!!!
Just kidding- (kind of).
There is no way I would have had the nerve to drive that road.
Glad you're having a good time.

Mari said...

I would have been scared to death on that road. The pictures you got are just beautiful, though!

Terri said...

Wow, that kind of drive would freak me out but you did get some really cool pictures.

Terri said...

Wow, that kind of drive would freak me out but you did get some really cool pictures.

Shelly said...

Nice pictures! Way to go Rex for getting the lovely couple to where they needed to go on their adventure. I am glad you guys are having a great time.

Sandra said...

As scary as that road may look I'm just in AWE of the beautiful pictures you got. They are just stunning. I love Ghost Towns, can't wait to find out what you found.

Anonymous said...

Ok are you two crazy??? Well yeah I know you are, . . . that's a dumb question!!I would be to scared to take that road, WOW!! Great pictures, sounds like fun:)BECAREFUL!!! but keep having fun!
Good job Rex!! and Ray!!

Lisa said...

I love your adventures. It sounds like things my family and I would to do.
The pictures were great.