Friday, September 21, 2007

What is Truth anyway?

Have you ever pondered the thought of "what is truth"?? I mean the real truth, I think that life has become so complicated that we forget what truth is. We have to always be so politically correct that we sugar coat anything that may hurt or offend someone. What about how we offend our Lord, doesn't that mean anything any more?? Do we think for one minute, no nano second that we can fool the almighty God??? Our Nation has fallen so far from what our fore fathers meant it to be that we don't even know what the truth of that is any more. Gradually over the years history has been changed by opinion's of scholars and theologians, and professors who like to make subtle suggestions of their own thinking and soon that becomes a part of history. Some truths have just been left out and by doing just that, one little thing has been changed completely to mean something totally different than what it originally was.
I think for most people is isn't to important. What is important is how we display our possession's, how many toys we have or the kind of cars we drive, how big our homes are, how we physically appear, do we wear designer clothes or name brands that are "in" how we spend our money. You get the picture, I know I'm not the first one to bring this subject up but the other day there was a discussion going on at work in the break room about why do we, Americans have to conform to all the foreigner's that have been slowly but ever so steadily coming to this country because it has so many opportunities to take advantage of. Now I have no qualms about allowing people from other countries who come here legally and get an education or start a business, or raise a family, or do anything that is within the law of this country, its not about the color of skin or nationality. The problem is why can't those same people learn our language, and abide by our laws?? Like get jobs and work for insurance or contribute to social security. Don't get me wrong many do that, and they are not the ones we are addressing here, but there are also many who do not. That is where the discussion in the break room when down the tubes, feelings were hurt or taken in the wrong way, and that brings me back to the point that I was trying to get to here. People are so easily offended that a simple discussion of how our country has buried itself in this mess we are in, can't even be talked about without someone being hurt. So hence, we tip toe around any subject that arises and the truth is rarely spoken. God knows the truth and this nation will not be blessed by the evils that we have allowed to enter into our lives. The Bible holds the truths of all things, and it isn't how to learn another language, or allow same sex marriages, or kill babies before they are born or the color of skin we have. The truth is following one true God and His laws. Jesus gave us another chance and we as believers have to stand firm and not be cowards in what we think, speaking the truth does count in God's eyes and will prevail in the end, isn't that an amazing thought!!! I'm truly sorry for those who have tunnel vision and can't see what great gifts we have in the freedoms of this country and especially the freedom of believing in one true God and His sovereignty. I will not apologize for what I have written but if it has touched a raw nerve maybe you need to seek out the real truth and you will find that in the one true God and His Word.