Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Eons ago!!

Ye-Gads, its been eons since I sat down at this computer to actually write in my blog.

You would think that for an empty nester that I would have all kinds of time to write a note now and again but for some reason I seem to have had something going that has occupied enough of my time so blogging just wasn't on the list. Of course at my age everything I do seems to take twice as long as it once did & if I didn't forget what I set out to do in the first place I would be able to get it done faster. Now if you understood all that, you are in just as much trouble as I am..

Its been a bit hectic at work too, with my good friend and side kick on vacation the residents at the long term care facility where I work are very out of sorts. They don't like it one bit when the full time staff go on vacation and the whole apple cart seems to get upset. Its pretty funny how they seem so confused and don't even know the time of day, but they sure sense when there is any change in staff. Not to mention that there is a full MOON out there. What is it about that moon,anyway??? It never fails, people sure react to the cycle of the moon more than you can imagine, especially the elderly, Bless their lil' pea picken souls. Sure makes my job interesting, the only problem it seems to effect the administration as well, and they ain't elderly, I won't go into details here about that. It would only bore y'all.

Last night we took a fantastic ride (in the Miata ) it was so beautiful out we couldn't resist. There is another couple from our church that also has a miata and we did dinner together at one of my favorites restaurants, Chili's. On Mondays here in my neck of the woods they have two for one fajitas and in my opinion they have the best fajitas anywhere. Now, I'm not trying to put in a plug for them but they are the best!!!!!! Then after dinner we took a ride near the lake shore, stopped and watched the sunset which was beautiful, God knows how to paint the best pictures. Then on to get custard at Culver's. They had a old time car show going so we wandered around for a few minutes looking at some of the custom old cars. It was one of those evenings that you just don't want it to end. The air was warm even after the sun set, we didn't even need a light jacket riding with the top down. You can see the two cars in the picture, they are so much fun to drive and we sure enjoy it.
Time to go think of something to put on here for tomorrow, for WFMW.



Cathy said...

Nancy, I certainly do know what you mean about getting slower. But then I am older that you. And I know about the full moon attitudes from working at Wal-Mart for 14 years. :o) Sounds like ya'll had a very enjoyable evening.

Nancy said...

Cathy, I love Wal-Mart, but didn't know the moon affected shoppers too...Hummm

Mimi said...

thanks for visiting my Blog... I will be stopping by to see you... and believe me I understand the full moon on the elderly... I worked in nursing homes for many years!!!

Mari said...

Love the picture and glad you had a nice night out. Sorry things are crazy at work - now I'm curious about the administration!