Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Father

My Father is the gardener. John 15:1

It' s the first day of fall & I don't know if any of you remember a few weeks back I was lamenting over the morning glory vine I had that was just that, a vine with no flowers, well here it is today full of beautiful blooms. Someone told me not to give up it may be a late bloomer & sure enough it was. Now it is so large it has totally taken over the lamp post & is obscuring the light but I haven't the heart to prune it back just yet.

I love colors & this picture isn't the best but this tree stands majestic in front of my house & it has a vine running up the entire trunk that is turning a bright red, looks so pretty against the bark & contrast of the green leaves. We took a ride yesterday & the leaves are slowly turning. I think we will be blessed this fall with alot of reds. You know how just the tips of the leaves start to turn & the rest are still bright green, I love that lookPosted by Picasa
Now, this is the cutest thing I ever saw. Its a bird house
with a roof covered with a small amount of dirt &
hens & chicks are growing on it. This is the back yard of friends of ours & they have some very cleaver ideas. Both are in their 80's & still manage to have a beautiful flowers & lust green grass. Cute Huh??? I'm gonna have to see if my husband can make me one but it will probably not be till next spring. The birds are slowly drifting south.
I had a whole bunch of other things to write about but its getting so late I have to save it for tomorrow or whenever I get back on to post.
See ya then.....


Cathy said...

That is a beautiful morning glory. It just needed some cooler weather. Don't know why I had not realized it is the first day of Fall! I need to put my autumn colored flowers flag out in front of the house.

Laura said...

Those are some beautiful pictures Nancy - your morning glories look great. I didn't plant any this year, and suddenly, I have some blooming close to the ground where they were last year - I guess a few seeds must have dropped.

Do you like orange and yellow flowers? I should send my mom with some seeds for you - they're called cosmos and they're super-easy to grow and they just take off and get just covered with all these little petite little flowers - the best part is that you can pick the seeds off from them when they're done blooming and plant them again next year!

Mari said...

I love that bird feeder. Your other pictures are also beautiful. I can't believe how much the morning glory grew!

Nancy said...

Laura, Yes I would love some seeds, I dopn't have any cosmos but know what they are... Thanks