Friday, September 7, 2007

Road Trip for the Week end

This week end we are going on a little jaunt, one of my brothers has lived in Illinois for several years now and I have never been to his home, can you believe it??? So being that the summer is closing in on us very fast we decided to get the "baby" car out and go visit him. The weather is supposed to be clear and sounds like the ideal time to take a ride.
I'm really looking forward to this break from the norm of a week end at home and it will be great to see, David and his family. He has a great wife, and two lovely kids and a couple of dogs. All very active and all believers in our Lord, so we have alot in common.
The down side is I won't be doing any posting all week end so, I may suffer from withdrawal from blogging. I will be sure to take a bunch of blog pics and fill you all in the the trip when we get back.
Have a great week end all........

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Mari said...

It has been beautiful here today and hopefully has been for you too. Glad you are getting away. You deserve a fun weekend!