Sunday, September 9, 2007

Fun week-end

We had a great time visiting with my Lil' brother and his family, they live in the burbs of that windy city we know as Chicago. However they are really about 30+ miles away from the actual city itself. The community they live in a much like any other with well kept homes & young growing families. They have two very charming children that I would say are above average in everything. These kids are very involved in school and church activities and seem to enjoy the life they live to the fullest, both are Christians & look at life through different lenses than kids that don't have a relationship with the Lord. They are great examples to their peers, and kudos go out to the parents for doing such a good job at parenting which is no easy job today.

I had forgotten about the traffic, & I for one would go stir crazy if I had to drive in that mess of fast racing vehicles on those highways day after day.. No wonder people go nuts....I live in a much slower paced area,much to my liking!!!

It took us about 4-5 hours to travel there on sat. & arrived about 2pm our time, of course we gain an hour in Illinois so we had more of the day to go look at 5Th wheels. This family loves to camp and are looking for a good deal. They had a couple of places they wanted to check out so off we went, we checked out 3 possible buys. One was eliminated right away because it was just a mess, the other two were very nice but not just what they were looking for. My husband, o wise one that he is, offered alot of advice and gave a few pointers for them to consider. They were very accepting of his info glad for the tips.

Saturday evening we attended a special service at the big "Willow Creek Church" and what a church that is, I had always wanted to see it & this was a great opportunity. Very impressive, it even has a restaurant!!!
The speaker was a former mob boss now, born again & he gave a awesome moving testimony. Right now there is a big trial going on in Chicago about a mob "family" so this fit right in & the auditorium was packed. God can & does change even the most hardened hearts.

Sunday we attended "Alpine Church" you see in the last picture. This is a smaller spin off Church from "Willow Creek" & the one my brother's family attends. We heard another good sermon & it was so nice to worship together. Nothing like kindred spirits in the family.
Very friendly welcome they gave us a loaf of cinnamon swirl bread just for being visitors

We couldn't have ask for better weather, what beautiful days & clear evenings!!! My sister-in-law fed us good food & our sleeping accommodations were very comfortable, she said her forte is not hospitality but I beg to differ, we didn't lack for anything.....Just the fellowship with family that I don't see often would have been enough. Now, it's their turn to come visit me!!!! It was a fast turn around but fun week-end......Thankful to for the safe travel & to be home again....
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Mari said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I'm sure it was nice to see family again, and great to hear good speakers.

Laura said...

It sounds like you had a lot of fun Nancy, and it would be interesting to see the outskirts of Chicago since I've only ever seen the city. I bet it was nice to see family again!

Betsy Osborn said...

Hi Nancy - thanks for your comment about my blog and my dad! I lost my mom very suddently in 2000 and know completely what you mean when you say to take advantage of my dad every minute I can. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad and hope you've found strength in God and your many fond memories of him. You take care and thanks again - it's fun to hear from others.