Thursday, September 6, 2007

New Crimson King

Here you see a beautiful Bradford pear tree that for some unknown reason last fall decided that it was not going to stay where it was supposed to. I loved this tree, it provided shade on the north east corner of our house & made a very good home to several different kinds of birds. The branch that you see lying on the side of the house was a large one & barely missed the house & several wires that are on that corner & I think that was a miracle of some kind. At any rate we had to have the rest of it cut down & that spot has been empty for almost a year while we contemplated what to replace it with.

So when a local nursery had its annual Labor day sale we went looking & found just the right Crimson King maple that you see on the cart in the second picture. Now, came the process of getting it home & planted. I also found an ornamental grass that I thought would fit out in the flower garden at a good bargain.

The Staff at the Nursery are very helpful, & helped us to load it onto the trailer so we could get it home safely. I might add that the day we choose to go purchase these items was in the 90's & very humid, why we do things on the hottest days of the year is as good a guess as any. None the less we got it home & waited until the evening to get it in the ground.

My poor husband first had to chop out what remained of the root from the tree that had fallen so this was no easy job. He never complains however & just keeps working away with alot of grunting & groaning in the process, he says its Biblical to grunt & groan so, I just stand by to make sure he didn't chop of any appendages & to offer assist when needed. I must say I didn't do a whole lot.

We finally got the job done & have been making sure it is getting plently of water, now we just wait to see how it grows. If hope this tree decides to stay in one piece.

Yet at the scent of water it will bud and put forth shoots like a plant. Job 14:9

God provides us with so many wonderful things in nature to enjoy.......
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Mari said...

I think that tree will look great there. Ray is a good guy. You're right - he's not a complainer. We got our trees in the heat too and Bob was pretty hot when he got done. Just like you - I only seem to give stand by assist and encouragement.

Saija said...

there is nothing more satisfying then planting trees ... we've done our share of that - have have hopefully left behind our little legacies in the homes we've lived in!

blessings to you ...

Laura said...

I'm sure it will look beautiful. The weeping cherry we got there last year is doing great and was beautiful this year. Unlike you and my mom though, I'm the one who plants things at my house. Aaron doesn't care about the landscaping at all, so if I want it done, I do it myself!