Saturday, September 29, 2007

If peace be in your Heart

If peace be in your heart,
The wildest storm is full of solemn beauty,
The midnight flash but shows your path of duty,
Each living creature tell some new and joyous story,
The very trees and stones all catch a ray of glory,
If peace be in your heart. Charles Frances Richardson

If peace be in your heart, something to ponder in this day isn't it??
I mentioned before I love color & all we see in nature. How can anyone look around them and not see the Lord?? That alone will bring peace to the heart.
Did anyone see the full moon last week, it was so bright it created shadows and as it was coming up still low on the horizon it was a true harvest moon, Awesome to look at and what a wonder to think we have had men walking around up there!!!

My blogging has fallen to the way side once again only because I have been at work about 24/7, or so it seems. I'm not complaining mind you, my check should look good, but it leaves little time to put thoughts on the blog. Of course when not at work I do have a few things to do at home which also take up my time. I don't know for the life of me how some of you manage to get so much on your blogs. If you have some secret let me know what it is.

My good friend Mari has been on vacation and she has deserved every minute of it, you can see all about her trip here, but I will surely be glad to see her back. The two of us we are the full time nurses on the day shift at work so you can imagine how I have missed having her with me as a steady partner. The place just hasn't been the same with her not there, working beside me. We live in a day of technology, (maybe you hadn't notice) and we do all of our charting on computers and often during the day we sit side by side working on our notes of the day, exchanging cares, concerns and often brain storming a problem together. I will be glad to have her back soon. I'm about tapped out for the day so until whenever I get back here enjoy each minute and look around you at the wonders of our God. Have a great Sunday and go worship our Lord as He is wanting to meet with you.

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Mimi said...

I hope your friend and co-worker returns to work soon.. I know how hard it is when you are short staffed with regular staff....

Melissa said...

I've gotta agree with you, work just isn't the same without mari and heather there!!!

Mari said...

I am home! I've missed seeing you and am ready to catch up on everything. I do have lots to do tomorrow, though! See you Tuesday.

Nancy said...

Mimi, thanks for stipping by I will be visiting your blog as well.

Mari, so glad your back home safe, I hope the good byes to Andy were not to bad. I'll email you later...

Melissa, I like your blog, didn't realize just who you were till now.

Laura said...

We brought her back to you safe and sound! Now you two can get back to getting into all your trouble! :) I'm glad you let us have her for a week though - she's the funnest Mom ever!