Friday, August 24, 2007

A Fairy tale of Sorts

There is a story here about this little car and about this motor home, there's always a story about most anything in my life, but this one is rather cute & a bit of fate is involved here, if I don't say so my self. It all started when we decided we needed to have a sports car about four years ago. So we bought this cute Mazda miata, we had already had one before this one, (a dark blue one) but having researched more about these cars & found out that there were special editions made we started to watch for this particular color, & model, it is one of only 3,000 made of this color known as mahogany, and it is a special edition. So when we found this one we sold the other one & this became our new "Baby." We did alot of traveling all through the western states & did some short trips here in our own state. Its one of those kind of cars that is fun to drive & we were always thinking of the next trip we would be going on. Or just taking it out for a spin, only fair on weather days of course & it was stored winters covered & dry not to be taken out until the snow & mud was cleared up in the spring.

I'm not sure just what came over us but at some point we started to talk about getting a motor home, but we knew we had to give something up. One can't possibly keep all the toys that one likes. We started to check around & came to the conclusion that if we wanted the motor home you see in the second picture below, that the miata had to go. Now this is where the real fairy tale begins, we traded the little car for the BIG one, but the salesman who sold us the BIG one liked the car so much that he decided to buy the miata. Well ,we actually felt pretty good about this because the salesman was & is a rather meticulous OCD type of person & we knew he would take care of it & enjoy it as much as we did. So we made the big purchase & drove a huge monster of a vehicle home one day, leaving behind our cute little "Baby."
The Motor home was one of luxury it had everything you needed to be as comfortable as home itself. Queen size bed, corian counter top & sink with a sprayer, stand up shower with real glass door, a real toilet, built in coffee maker, micro & so much more I can't list them all. We traveled in style with all our stuff. & towed a small car behind it, so when we got where we were going we could still sight see!!!! The only problem was you can't get off the main roads on little side streets to just go look at something that caught our attention. We tried this a few times & found ourselves in tight spots, really tight spots, trying to figure how to get turned around & back on the main road. The other problem was we found that no matter how nice the inside was we were still "camping" of sorts & neither one of us are "campers." Now I don't mean to offend any of you who are campers but it just wasn't something we enjoyed. Now about this same time the gas prices started to rise & we found the BIG vehicle parked out in the front of our house more than taking off down the road. We did do a few trips & it was fun to have everything you needed right with you at all times. I especially liked to fix meals in the compact but efficient little kitchen & we had some pretty gourmet meals more than a few times. Once when we took it to Florida we even had our own fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast, so you see we did use it & we had fun with it but it just wasn't our style.
We are both very curious
& a bit spontaneous & like to get off the beaten path to see what might be interesting just around the next corner & not found by the general population & with the BIG vehicle we couldn't do that. It was a gas guzzling albatross of sorts. We did some pretty serious praying & decided that in spite of the rising gas prices & the not so good chances of selling it we put it up for sale. I think we kept it about 2 years & we also tend to be alittle meticulous & just maybe OCD so it was still just like new. We swallowed our pride & admitted that we made one of the biggest blunders financially that we ever made & hoped we could at least sell it.
O Lord, how many are Thy works!
In wisdom Thou hast made then all;
The Earth is full of Thy possessions.
Psalm 104:24
I don't recall just how long we advertised but we did it with a prayer that it would sell in spite of the gas prices & current changes that were taking place in the economy situation. Sell we did, to a very nice family who loved to camp!!! I think the deal was settled in less than 2 weeks & we were ever so thankful to the Lord for teaching us that lesson. So now we were just content to be happy with the vehicles we had & realized how fortunate we were to have had the opportunity have experienced this adventure.

Now did I mention that we told the salesman who bought our little "Baby" if he ever wanted to sell it to call us & if we could we might want to buy it back. Well, you have probably guessed by now that is actually what happened. About 2 weeks ago he left a message on our answering machine that if we were interested to call him, so we did...After praying about it first.!!!!
As you can see four years later we have "Baby" back!!!!! :)
This has been a journey that I guess one could say, "what goes around comes around," in a humorous way. We have learned to hold loosely to any object that the Lord allows us to have, & not to hold fast to that what is created but hold on to the CREATOR of all things with Thanksgiving & Praise to our Lord.!!!
Isaiah 45:7
The One forming light and creating darkness,
Causing well-being and creating calamity;
I am the Lord who does all these.
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Mari said...

I think this is so cool! I remember what a sad event it was when you sold baby! I'm so happy she is back. She is so cute and really fits your lifestyle better than the camper. I would love the camper myself!

Laura said...

Oh my goodness Nancy - I love that story! Isn't it amazing how life works sometimes?

Did you know that I LOVE Miata's!! I tell Aaron at least once every other week that I want one. Unfortunately, he doesn't like that plan because he would never be able to go anywhere with me. (His 6'6" frame doesn't seem to fit too well!)

Anonymous said...

Oh my is that ever a cool story.God is good!!