Monday, July 9, 2007

Worship on the water front

Where I live we have what is known as worship on the water front that is provided each Sunday by different churches in the area. This past Sunday was my churches turn to provide the service. The whole purpose of this is to maybe draw in people that may not usually attend church & to provide a non threatening atmosphere & be able to welcome anyone of any walk of life. It is a come as you are from the beach type of setting. Our praise group & the raise praise kids, did a super job with the presentation of song & scripture. What better place to worship our living Lord than out under His sky.

The Joy of worship begins when we break the chains of self to be free to focus on God. One of the reasons believers go to Church is to worship God. The essence of worship is proclaiming God's rightful worth & position & to sing with our hearts to the Lord & praise Him for who He is.
As the sun set behind the hill with the cross on it we saw a beautiful sight, I had to take a picture because it was like that was the smile of approval God was sending us as we concluded the service.
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Mari said...

I don't make it to Worship on the Waterfront often, but have enjoyed it when we go. Love the picture of the cross!

Laura said...

I agree Nancy. Too many people go to church to be entertained, and if they "don't get anything from it" they complain. But we go to church first to worship God, and second to learn and to fellowship with the rest of the body. That is a beautiful photo!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Love the pictures- I keep saying we have to go to this and before you know it summer's done. Our church is sponsoring it also- hopefully that one will work and I can be there!

Deb said...

Awesome picture of the church on the waterfront. its great to see the different denominations come together during this.thanks for the info on downloading pictures, i still am having trouble with my computer so Jim will work on it eventually.(soon i hope).