Thursday, July 12, 2007

What is this????

Since everyone out there in blogland is putting recipes or neat little tips on how to do things I thought you might like to see this handy little kitchen tool that I use. There's a clue in the bottom of the jar as to what it does.

If you guessed a cherry pitter, you are right.... My husband found this in a garage sale of course, (he is the ultimate garage sale man.) & me being the skeptic & not so into kitchen gadgets of any kind,
"said that will never work". I have never been one to use a chopper, grinder, electric this & magic that, I can chop my own onions thank you. But I have to admit I was wrong about this handy little tool. I think it is very old & may even be home made, but works like a charm.

We love fresh fruit & at this time of the year when you can get sweet cherries, peaches, nectarines, plums, & all those wonderful tastey good for you things we eat alot of it. Sometimes it is just not handy or lady like to put a cherry in your mouth & spit the pit out on your plate, so with this I can pit the cherries & add them to fresh cut up fruit like, nectarines, plums, mangos, & bananas for a nice side dish to our meal or use it as a dessert because it is sweet enough for that as well. You could even mixed the fruit all together with some yogurt & blend it with another handy tool called the blender & make a smoothie. I do have one of those by the way & occasionally use it.

Anyway, I didn't want you to think I didn't have any clever ideas so this is mine for the for the day.
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Mari said...

My mom used to have something like that. Who knows where it is now. I want one too!

Laura said...

Wow! It must be homemade because I have never seen one. I would like one thouse because Aaron eats cherries and then I find bowls of nasty pits in my house! :)