Thursday, July 5, 2007

May I see your License Please!!!!!

Yep you guessed it, I was driving along very nicely, when I looked in the rear view mirror & to my horror those flashing lights behind me. I thought, I know I'm not speeding, I never speed & always set the cruise control at the limit, so what did I do???? Well, I guess there is this rule that you are not susposed to pass on the right even if there is a lane there to go around a person who is turning to the left.. This is something I do almost everyday at a certain intersection but today that nice policeman was watching. He says to me, "let me explain why I stopped you" & goes into that police informative mode. He called it "improper lane usage". Now, I wasn't about to admit that I do this almost daily so I sat there very quietly & smiled & listened. I really didn't know this was a no no, & see many others doing the same thing. (which doesn't make it right) Of course, I was the one that nice policeman saw. I wanted to tell him he was ruining my almost perfect record,(I would give me a 3.90), because I only have received one of those nice notes once before when I was just a teenager, & maybe a parking ticket once or twice way back in my college days. At any rate I have 12 days to pay or protest, & it cost a whole lot more than a speeding violation. When I finally got home I showed my lovely note to my husband & he just smiled & said just write the check & forget it. Maybe I'll find a new way to take home.


Laura said...

Oh no Nancy! What a bummer! I do that all the time too. I thought that's what it was meant for. I'll have to remember that because unlike you I don't have quite as shining of a record! :)

Mari said...

You are such an outlaw! Actually I am lucky this has never happened to me!