Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Independence Day!!!!!

I'm sitting here at the computer listening to the sounds of 4th, of July, distant rumbles of fireworks, m80's & the firecrackers, thankfully none of them are to close so sleeping should not be to difficult. We choose not to attend any of the sights this year just because. I guess you can say "been there done that" it just seems good to stay home & enjoy each others quietness.
Since 2002, this holiday has brought memories of my mom to mind, the Lord took her very unexpectedly on July 5th. She was a kind, gentle lady, who expected nothing from anyone but friendship. She accepted people from all walks of life in a nonjudgmental spirit. She loved children, animals, & life. She had a sense of humor that could make her whole family laugh until we were crying & our faces hurt. She rarely spoke words that were unkind & she took what life handed her in stride without complaining. The last few years she suffered from Alzheimer's, and we watched a vibrant beautiful person change before our eyes. So I can't wish her back as she was when she left but, her memory will always be of the person she was before the Alzheimer's took control of her mind.
I miss her as much today as the day she left & I know one day I will see her again in that Heavenly Kingdom & we will once again laugh until our faces hurt.


Mari said...

What a nice remembrance of your Mom. I can honestly say that you must have a lot of your Mom in you, because a lot of what you have said sounds like you! Glad you had an enjoyable evening.

Laura said...

I agree about skipping the festivities. We don't care about the parades and fireworks either - maybe when we have kids though.

Those are very nice memories about your mom - she sounds like a very special lady. It's a good reminder to live like we will want people to remember us.