Monday, July 2, 2007

More of Ikea!!!

The Girls arrived Friday night & of course we went out to the beach, walked the board walk & got ice cream cones. Taylor brought a friend, Megan & she was so shy we had to do funny things to get her to laugh.
The flowers were from my daughter Tina's wild flower garden, humm, I wonder were she gets her love of flowers?? Hers look much better than mine..

Saturday morning we slept in a bit, all of us were up late, trying to catch up on lost time. Its fun to hear whats happening in their world...That family is so busy that they meet themselves coming & going from some function or sports event. I don't know how Tina keeps track of all of them.
None of us are very keen on eating breakfast but I thought at least a piece of toast would help hold us till we got to Ikea. While slicing the bread with the electric knife I nearly took off the tip of my pinkie. My first thought was "Oh no, Lord I don't need this"!!! It really should have been stitched up but we managed to get some band aids on pretty tightly & stopped the bleeding. So off we went, me with my pinkie sticking up so not to bump it on anything. Of course, I did manage to bang it a few times which didn't feel so good.

I never dreamed how big Ikea would be but we had fun the entire day in that place. Taylor managed to find the dresser she liked & the shelves. You can see them in the picture where Tina is taking down the numbers for us to pick them up at. She also found some cute lamps & a few accessories, (turquoise rug, coasters, & colorful pillows ) I probably forgot something but she got some really good deals.
As most mothers & daughter they didn't see eye to eye on all things but came to a final agreement on most of the items. We filled three carts!!! Now were starting to wonder if it will all fit in the car.. Good thing Tina has a large suv, it took some doing but we wrestled it all in & still had room for us.
The girls wanted to go back to the hotel for a swim so we dropped them off & Tina & I went back to Ikea & stayed till closing. I found a comfy chair & if we would have had room I would have taken it home too!!!
I was supposed to look up Lavonne's daughter, Nicole but forget all about it until it was late in the day & she had already left. Someone told us she was working the next day but we didn't go back on Sunday. We'll just have to make another trip I guess!

We wanted to check out a mall or two, because Taylor needed a dress to wear to my brother's daughter's wedding on July 14th so we checked out several stores. This dress was a hoot & we all got a good laugh out of the way it looked on her. I think it just made of cotton & was something like $70. at Macy's of course!!!!! She did find a real cute one that fit well & it was a modest price, much to her mothers liking..

The last picture is of the three of us & we are about ready to wrap it up & get home. Happy, (were a family of all teeth smiles) but very tired, & all shopped out.

I think for me it wasn't just the shopping & going to Ikea that made it so special, but the fact that I got to spend time with my girls. I do wish we could do more of this sort of thing. We all become so busy that we forget the important thing is not always the going & coming but the relationships that are shared along the way. Stop & smell the roses & enjoy family when you can.

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Laura said...

Nancy - I am SO jealous! I have been wanting to go to Ikea in the worst way for a long time!

We'll just have to get in gear and plan the trip and go I guess!

Mari said...

You got lots of great pictures - I agree with Laura. We have to go. I think you look good in that chair. You should have got it!

Deb said...

This is great, i love your pictures, wow havent seen Tina in years, course I havent seen you in a few years. you all look wonderful. I am still trying to get pics on my blog, HELP!!!! Hey we are not old, still kids in over sized bodies HA! ps. i just put this comment on my own site.oh my gosh... yes i am still crazy.