Monday, June 25, 2007

Wild Flowers from my Garden

I have today off from work & there is nothing I like better than to wake up without an alarm clock blasting in your ear. Hearing the birds singing outside the window is a much better way to start the day. I so enjoy a leisure cup of coffee before deciding just what to do. I know many of you don't have that option & believe me I remember what it was like to get the kids going, the lunches made etc. before even thinking about getting yourself going. As my oldest daughter reminded me she hasn't time to have a blog but did say she enjoys mine. So today I managed to get a few household chores done that you don't do every day, like scrub down the showers, & vacuum. Granted my house doesn't get to messed up because there is just the two of us here, but someone still has to keep it up. My husband is one of those guys who wouldn't care if the dust was an inch thick on the coffee table or if the dishes didn't get washed, of course when we ran out of clean dishes he might notice that. All of our children are grown & have homes & families of their own which does make life less hassled for us. You know the saying "been there done that". Having the house to ourselves does have advantages.

I went out into the garden this morning & picked a few flowers, most of them are wild flowers that are growing among a few others that I have added but, this year the annuals are not doing so well, I think it has just been to hot & dry. Anyway, I have a blogging friend who does flower arranging & I wanted to show mine off. She does a much better job of course & has many talents, and often posts her beautiful arrangments on her blog. You can see hers at

Its getting to be a hot day out there so I better get out & enjoy some of the summer that we are blessed with here in My neck of the Woods. Many complain of the hot summers but I for one like spring & summer best of all the seasons. The Lord has given us these changes to keep us on our toes, you never know just what kind of weather you will get here in the mid west. Its a reminder to be thankful that we are able to feel the changes & enjoy the beauty of each season.
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Mari said...

I love the look of wild flowers and I like the pitchers you put them in. Glad you had a relaxing, but still productive day.

Laura said...

Wow Nancy! Thanks for mentioning me on your blog - that's so sweet. And your flowers do look really nice. Sometimes the look of wildflowers in a pitcher is a nice change from some of the more formal things.

I love days off too when you can wake up and take your time.

And my husband is the same way - he wouldn't care if our house was filthy - in fact, he tells me he'd like it better that way. Unfortunately for him, I can't handle the dirt so I clean it! :)

Diane said...

I really enjoyed yours and Mari's blogs. They made me realize how much I miss seeing you every day. One of you let me know how survey went!!!

shelly anne said...

Hey Nanc!
Lve the blog. You did a great job on it. Love the pics too. You and Ray sound like you are enjoying life!
Have you noticed any pens missing off your cart or your pocket? LOL
That was fun when I use to do that to you.
Love how you mention God in your blog too.