Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Beach

Well, here we are again at the beach, its kind of one of those places that you can go to & sit & watch the people, boats & just enjoy the scenery. As I have mentioned in past posts its one of our favorite places to visit. Its a place where the mind can relax.
On Saturdays my husband goes to the flea market & sells a few items that he has collected through the week at garage sales. This is kinda of a hobby job & keeps him busy. He loves to tinker with engines, lawn mowers, & just about anything that is of interest. Of course that means a very early day for him, he gets up about 3am & has to get things set up then stays usually until 1-2pm. By the time he gets home it is after 3 in the afternoon & he is one whipped fellow. A short nap usually follows then we go out for a bite to eat & often in the summer we end up here at the beach.
I have to tell you about my good friend & co-worker, Mari she has a blog too & you can visit hers at she recently had a her yearly physical which was more like a 2 or 3 year over due physical. Anyway her Dr. had to send her a letter telling her to make an appointment or else!!! I didn't know doctors did that any more, she must have a really good doctor. Now me on the other hand recently missed a Dental appointment (just one of those things that slipped my mind,) & what do I get in the mail but a letter telling me that they are very upset with me for missing the appointment & if I ever miss another one they will be charging me full services, but because I am a first offender they will let it go this time..some people have all the luck. The next time I go to that office I will have to crawl in on hands & knees asking forgiveness, or maybe take sugar free treats.... I think Mari should be charged at least for one of those missed appointments that she didn't make over the years, but I'm sure she won't agree with that. So if there is a lesson learned here I think it is get your annual check ups & then make sure you keep the appointment.... Have a great week-end, & don't forget to go to church, the Lord is eager to hear from you too!!!!
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Mari said...

You are so funny - I am picturing you crawling into the office and it brought up another thought. One of our residents says there is a "dirty person" who sneaks into her room at 3 am and takes things. This person supposedly is crawling on their hands and knees. Could it be you??? (although I have never known to be dirty or a thief!)

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

I am Mari's sister. I saw your comment on her blog and came over to check yours out. You are doing a really good job!
We just went to the beach today after church. I love to walk the boardwalk and then get ice cream- I know it defeats the purpose of walking but who can resist that ice cream??

Laura said...

I'm not really a beach person, but Aaron's mom loves it and drags her husband there as much as she can. If we can't find them, we know they're usually there.
I think you're right - my mom probably should be charged for one or two of those "missed" appointments! :)