Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Half way to the week-end!

It's been a few days since I've made any posts on this blog, so thought I better get with it. No pictures today so you'll just have to read. Thanks to all of you for the comments & encouragement in this endeavor, its been fun learning all the tricks, which I have mastered only a couple so far.
Its wednesday and half way through the work week, (some day I will be able to retire) don't get me wrong I love my job but do look forward to one day not having to get up & hit the floor running. You know from past blogs that waking up to the song birds is much better then the ole' alarm clock.
I'm looking forward to this week-end because my oldest daughter, (Tina) and one of my grandaughters, (Taylor) are going to spend some time together. We don't often get to do this because of conflicting work/school schedules. The plan is to go to the Ikea store to look for furniture for Taylor's bedroom. She is getting older & her taste are changing so hence new decor is needed to decorate her room. We plan to spend the week-end in the Detroit area & take in the sights & shop. We haven't done something like this for along time & we are overdue.
God has blessed me with great kids & grand kids so I am very thankful just to have a strong healthy family. It will be fun, & I'll take some pictures to share on the blog.

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Mari said...

I'm in trouble when Laura reads this because she has been trying to plan a trip to Ikea for months. We still have to go. I'm sure you all will have fun!