Thursday, June 28, 2007


Well, after the heat of the last few days, this picture is kinda refreshing don't you think?? I really don't want winter but so many people said today ahhhh, this is much better than the last few days of heat & humidity!! I do think people have been a bit on edge & today was more tolerable.

I had to do rounds with the Dr. today & I felt there just are not enough hours in one day to fit everything in. We are so blessed to have a Dr. that truly cares & is very attentive to the needs of the older generation. The one aggravating thing is the stupid pager he carries around with him causing interruptions all afternoon. If it wasn't for that we could get through rounds in half the time but, no the beeper goes off every ten minutes!!! I think it is just selfishness on my part to want to get done in a timely fashion & I know other people have far greater health issues than my just wanting to be done for the day. I really missed my working partner, Maribeth

She decided she had to have a few days off to spend with family, she & I usually do rounds as a team & get done much faster. (I think she is getting me back because I was gone through State Inspections this year.) Its really ok Maribeth, we made it through the day.
I did manage to get home by dinner time & my great husband had dinner all ready!!! What a guy, he actually has a very good knack for making wonderful meals & I for one am very thankful to have him in my life. The Lord has blessed us in so may ways it would take a life time to list them all.

Take time to tell your loved ones how much you appreciate them today & everyday, even if they didn't make dinner for you....

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Laura said...

That picture is refreshing! And the weather has been much nicer. It's nice for Aaron working in the hot garage over hot engines.

Those doctor days are frustrating! I do remember Mom saying she missed you when the inspectors were there... :)

And I agree - it is such an awesome blessing to have a good husband - they're few and far between!

Mari said...

Glad you survived the day. Havve fun this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nancy, this is great! i am trying to set a blog up too... not quite sure what i am doing but i hit create on yours so i hope i didn't mess things up for both look great i miss you! got any advice for me as i attempt a blog???