Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Well, well, well,, ya, I know a deep subject, right?? I haven't been on this blog for seems like forever.. actually it has been forever.
Its been a really wintery Nov. around my neck of the woods but now that we have Dec. its been really cold but the snow is gone. Believe me I'm not complaining, winter isn't my favorite season. I hate being cold and dislike having pull on boots, coats and mittens to keep warm. Its funny but I really don't remember disliking winter so much when I was a kid but kid I'm not any more..

The Christmas frenzy has begun, with black Friday and cyber Monday just behind us but is that really what Christmas is all about?? The media would like us all to believe that to be true, that Santa, reindeer, buying gifts, and spending, spending spending is really what Christmas is about.. but wait what about the baby in the manger???
Isn't that the reason for the season?? Isn't it about the creator of this world sending a perfect child to come to take all our sins upon himself?? Isn't that the perfect gift to us sinners saved by grace?? This baby grew to be our savior who went to the cross in obedience of the Father. And we should be in awe of the work he did on the cross.
Yes, celebrate the season with family, food and gifts but never forget the real reason behind Christmas. Never forget that the sins of each one of us was put on him so that one day we could stand before a Holy God and be pronounced innocent. Isn't that the ultimate gift??? And its free...
Merry Christmas to all!!

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Mari said...

I'm shocked to see a post here. :)
However, you may take a while, but when you get something written, it's good!
Yes - that baby is the best gift ever given!