Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thinking about dust.

As I was cleaning and dusting some profound thoughts happened to pop into my head, ya I know I do have some fragmented images pop in and out of the gray matter quite often. Anyway, dust plays an important role in our lives if you really think about it.

In Genesis, we are told that man was formed from the dust by God. Then God breathed life into the formed He created from dust, and the first man came to life. To top it off when we die this God given life force is withdrawn and our bodies return to dust. So, in thinking about dust in that sense, we are all just piles of dust, energized and held together by the life force or the spirit of God.

Which means managing our personal dust from life to death is the core challenge of our human existence..
Dust consists mostly of dead skin cells and microscopic dust mites eat them. Gross right? Anyway the next time your dusting the house remember what your cleaning up and technically your cleaning and removing tiny pieces of yourself that has already turned to dust.

So I'm thinking, Its important that diet and exercise may improve the quality of our physical body, and could possibly even extend the number of years you live on earth. But in the end, we will all end up in a dust heap. All this to say its far more important to focus on the spiritual aspect of our being, because its that portion of us that lives on after the dust has been blown away.

Ok, thats just one of my thoughts rolling around today. My other thoughts are more towards the wedding of my granddaughter this weekend and thinking about how blessed she is to have found a soul mate who loves the Lord just as she does.
I had the privilege of helping with some of the preparations earlier this week and now just looking forward to watching how this event will unfold.

Of course thinking also of the Christmas season and the message of our savior coming to earth to save us all!!



Shelly said...

Wow! Thanks for a very well written blog article. Made me think of dust in another way. That being the fact that it's little pieces of ourselves.

Mari said...

My house is very dusty - there's lots of bits of us floating around! I'll think a little different next time I dust. :)
I hope the wedding goes well. Take pictures for us!