Friday, April 11, 2014

Some things must end!

This winter has been a memorable one in so many ways, for some who live in the northern States it was the winter that never wanted to end. But for Sweetman and I it was an enjoyable time for us both. We explored many different parks, both locally and a few we had to travel a days ride to get to, which was well worth the trips. We walked trails through mangroves, cedar trees, swamps, along rivers and on the gulf of Mexico. We wiggled our toes in fine white sugar sand while waiting for a magnificent sunset painted only by God.  We've fished in Tarpon lake which was only a short walk from where we lived for the past three months plus two weeks. And caught some of the biggest blue gills I have ever seen, using chicken hot dogs for bait.  We've ridden our golden chariot ( trike motorcycle) on just about every major road in this area, plus found lots of quaint narrow red brick streets in the older historic sections of nearby towns. We've met several other GWRRA members in this area, and enjoyed attending a local district rally with vendors, food, and a mostly funny talent show put on by the local chapters, with the theme right out of the days of Robin Hood. We met up with friends from home who were also enjoying the freedom from the frigid winter that continued to rage and dump huge piles of snow up north.
I finally got my first lesson in driving the trike, something I've wanted to do for months but the opportunity just hadn't arisen, but here there was a huge empty parking lot that was just the right spot for Sweetman to give me a chance to learn the basics of trike driving.
Most everyday we take a walk either before breakfast or after, which ever floats our boat that day. Thats part of the beauty of retirement, no structured schedules. In fact we have become a bit lazy, sleeping in some mornings, enjoying coffee, while deciding on what to fix for breakfast. Which often isn't until 9:30 or later. Oh, there were days we got up at dark thirty and traveled to the flea market to sell vintage (junk) items found at local garage sales. Which also helped to support a small part of this adventure we are on. Plus there was a community sale right here that we took advantage of selling in our own drive way. So some work and not all play was had.
I spent early mornings reading devotions in a sun filled room and lazy afternoons lounging by the huge pool where the temperature of the water is kept at 84 degrees and sliding into the aqua water is not a shock to the system. The little church we found to attend was welcoming with true bible teaching messages. And great coffee in their little cafe. I was able to keep up on the ladies bible study via internet with is always a huge blessing just to stay connected so to speak.
Sweetman has eaten numerous fresh strawberry short cakes, something he loves. And I have enjoyed the fresh citrus fruits, salads, and huge avocados that are so abundant. On the down side of all this eating we both have added a few inches to our girth. Hopefully we can whittle that down soon.
The wildlife is different here, with so many birds, snowy egrets, great blue herons, pelicans that will steal the fish right off the fisherman's line as he is reeling it in. Which is frustrating for the avid\novice. We've seen large tortoise that live in holes in the ground, and the usual kind sunning themselves on the banks of lakes and rivers with shells all green from the algae. We even had a rare wood stork visit us one day right out in the drive way and I fed him some crackers which it seemed to enjoy.  Lots of gators large and small, they are everywhere in fresh water lakes here. One doesn't swim in the lakes much because of them.
But now its time to pack up and head home, both of us are ready to see family that we have missed and to reconnect with our back home friends, besides we here the snow is gone and the weather has improved. Maybe just maybe winter is really gone for good. :-)

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Mari said...

I've enjoyed following along on your many adventures on FB. Glad you had such a good time, but ready to see you again!
The sun was shining today, the crocuses are blooming - and I talked to Faith who was out on a walk!