Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring and other pressing issues!

I'm  thinking spring and I found these pictures somewhere in my archives. Plus I finally figured how to get the pictures on my blog from my tablet. Big accomplishment for this rusty blogger.
I know all my northern friends are longing for some warmth andI'vens of better weather, while hopefullyit here soaking up sunshine and warm breezy days in the sunshine state, I do fee somewhat guilty but then again if we were home I know for a fact you would not have seen Sweetman or myself out in the elements that Michigan has been putting on display since last December.
I do have mixed feelings about being gone this winter, with daughter #2 dealing witJoe'sxtremely challenging health issues, with many emergency visits and hospital stays. And other family members and close friends steping in to support her in our absence. It has been hard to totally enjoy our time here. She has been constantly on our hearts, and the only thing that has sustained us is our trust in knowing God has a plan in her life as well as ours. And we are all in the plan that has been laid out for us by His devine grace. I think of the verse in Psalm 139:5 " you have enclosed me behind and before, and laid your hand upon me" Like being wrapped in a cocoon of the Lords hands.
He has given us a peace knowing He is beside this sick girl all the time. She was His child before she was mine , I have to remember He loves her far more than I ever could. She has only been gifted to me. That being said, we also covet any prayers directed to her wellbeing.
We have had our share of good times though, riding the trike, visiting a number of wild life preserves, viewing the manatees, meeting up with friends for lunch or dinner ,meeting new friends and spending alot of time with each other. Not all couples can truly say they enjoy being with each other rather than other people?.  Just being able go wake up to mild temps,throw on some shorts and light shirt, sandals and take a brisk walk, or a quick bike ride before breakfast. Or eat first then take a walk, whatever happens to be our fancy. Thats the beauty of retirement.
Theres a fantastic pool here that is kept at 82-84 degrees for all of us snowbirds of delicate systems to enjoy as well. Not to mention any number of activities that you can busy yourself with. We haven't involved ourselves with alot of these but the choice is ours if we choose.  While we do miss everyone back home, we really dont want to return before that nasty weather has decided to move on. All of this to say there will come a day soon when we will be packing up and heading northward. We have been blessed to be able to spend time in a much milder climate.
Today we are having rain showers so we decided to take a road trip to Traders Joe's. I have wanted to visit this store for along time but there isnt one near us at home. I wasn't disappointed, and we managed to find some good deals. Now I can finally say i've been to Traders Joe's, and hopefully it wont be the last.


Mari said...

Praying for Faith, especially this morning.
It snowed here again yesterday and today, but I do see a light at the end of the tunnel. :)
Glad you're having such a good time.

Connie said...

It has been a hard winter but today the sun was shining and the temperature rose a little. This was a good winter "to get out of Dodge". Enjoy your time where it's warm.